Evolving Role In Evolving Time

Parenting has never been easy.

Relationship with the children evolves with time. Some external events can also have a long lasting impact on families. You as a parent have taken on new responsibilities: online class arrangement, learning new technology to handle that and being a motivator for learning-from-home. You also need to juggle between work-from-home and looking after children being 24/7 at home.


Sounds like an upheaval. Love may conquer all but is there anything that helps smooth the transition?

See the family as a team, a unit that needs to work together collaboratively and productively. Exercising one’s talent empowers the individual to do things more effortlessly.

Step by step, I will help you and your family members to clarify what their strengths are. Understanding each other’s strength will help your family members to see things through other people’s eyes. Harmony will return if no one feels like being asked to do the impossible.

Ideal for families that are going through changes.


I will guide you and your family to navigate safely through these changing times, making use of the CliftonStrengths® assessment.

Family Package


Age 10-14

Clifton StrengthsExplorer®

Top 3 Report


120 mins debrief session




Youth Work Book



Parent Guide

Age 14 plus

CliftonStrengths® for Students All 34 themes

120 mins debrief session


Student Work Book

Additional Resources

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