Strength In Diversity

Everyone is part of a team. Even freelance workers have upstream and downstream partners. Things don’t always go as smoothly as they could often due to the differences among team members: their perception on the same issue is different; their approach to the same task varies. 


Work progress or business profitability relies on efficient completion of the tasks in hand. Is there a way to deliver efficiency among differences? 

Being aware of different strengths and that complementing each team member’s talents will make achieving a common goal much more efficient. Whether working in a team or managing a project group, bringing diverse skills, preferences and experiences to the table create a more rounded solution


Step by step, I will help your team members to clarify what their strengths are. Recognizing each other’s strengths helps elevate creativity, productivity and responsibility, leading to trust, transparency and openness in the relationship circles. 

Ideal for newly created project teams to uncover each other’s strengths and leverage their natural talents; existing teams that are looking for enhancement. 

Each team member will complete the CliftonStrengths assessment online to identify their 34 talents.


There will be a team discovery session, followed by one coaching session for every participant.

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Team Package


Each team member will complete the CliftonStrenghts® all 34 assessment.

For Managers, you will have an additional Lead with Strengths report


120 mins debrief session for each team member.

A workshop to discuss the team's strength and how to work more effectively.


For Team CliftonStrengths® Workbook.

For Managers, Strengths-based 

Leadership Workbook.

Additional Resources

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